Welcome to Sex With Strangers UK

One of the fastest growing lifestyle choices of this decade is for "Sex With Strangers".

The generic terms for people who like to swap partners is "Swingers", and for people who like outdoor sex with total strangers is "doggers".

It is often the case that people involved in one lifestyle are also involved in the other. The main difference between "Swingers" and "Doggers" is that Swingers usually only play with people they are attracted to, wheras Doggers usually go with the flow and have sex with all comers.

This site gives you access to over 2 million swingers based here in the UK; listings of all the swingers clubs we are currently aware of; and details of hundreds of "Dogging" locations scattered all over the UK, where you can meet thousands of people all looking for sex with strangers.

The Contact Ads system is free to join, and many features are free to use, but a subscription is required to get access to all the facilities.

  • Contact Ads

    Although our database of swingers was created for UK swingers, over the years we have gained a huge international following as well. We have over 3.5 million members, of whom over 2 million are based in the UK.

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  • Swingers Holidays

    Swingers Holidays are a great way for couples to meet up with like minded couples in a safe environment. The holidays allow people to relax and get to know each other without the pressure of clubs closing hours.

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  • Dogging Locations

    Dogging is a flourishing scene. There has always been sex available in car parks and in the sand dunes around the coast, but lists of locations published on the web is making it an ever more popular lifestyle choice.

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We have been swingers for many years, and we would love you to visit our own website where we showcase some of the pictures and videos we have taken when meeting with, and having sex with total strangers.

Jo & David