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Safety When Dogging

Safe Sex when Dogging

  • We would suggest that you always use condoms when dogging and if anyone else tries to join the fun make sure they use condoms as well.
  • You can never tell from a persons looks if they have an STD. A person can look clean, but that doesn't mean they don't have an infection.
  • It's a great idea to carry some lubricant with you. You can get small discrete tubes of quality lubes such as KY Jelly or single use pouches from most sex shops. Many girls get dry when having sex with condoms and the lube will make sure that everyone has a good time and the girl can have fun for longer.

Personal Safety

Before You Meet

  • Couples, before you play talk to each other and decide how far each of you want to go, stick to the agreement when playing, or the fun can quickly turn to tears and arguments.
  • Before you leave home agree on a safety signal or a safe word to use if you want to bring things to a halt.
  • Ladies, take things slow and only do what you want to do. You are there for your fun first, everyone else's fun and pleasure is of secondary consideration.

Arranging The Meet

  • Take great care when meeting people through the Internet.
  • If you are meeting someone for the first time arrange to meet them in a place where you feel safe
  • Make sure that you are not out-numbered. Play with small groups of people where you can remain in control.
  • Never give out your landline phone number or your home address.
  • Pay £20 and buy a payg mobile just for play. If someone starts to harass you, bin the chip.
  • Only use a dogging name.
  • Always arrange to play in discrete area, but close to a public highway or a place you can get to quickly if you need help.
  • Scout the meeting place before you arrange to visit. Make sure there are at least 2 exits and that you can get out quickly.
  • Be vague about the times you will be at a location, only tell people you know you can trust or you realy want to meet exactly when you will be at any location.

Going To The Meet

  • Single Ladies: Always take a male partner with you when you go out to a dogging meet. Make sure it's someone you know you can trust to protect you whatever happens.
  • Drive by the meeting area to check that there are not lots of unexpected people. Or large crowds of single men - unless that is what you are looking for!
  • Steer clear of areas known to be used by prostitutes or drug dealers.
  • Either leave your valuables, mobile phones, wallet, handbags, camera etc. at home, or lock them in the glove box or boot while you are playing.
  • Either keep your car keys on your person or hide them somewhere in the car.
  • Never drive straight home afterwards. Go to a pub for a drink or a McDonalds for a burger. It will make it a little bit harder for any weirdo's to follow you.